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Best place for a coffee in Helsingborg?

Uppdaterat: 11 apr. 2022

Have you tried the Swedish fika yet? Visit Bruket for a break.

We would love to serve you a fika! You'll find us in the old town in Helsingborg. Why should you visit us? Becouse we have the best coffee, friendly staff and an relaxing cool interior.

Top 5 coffee that our baristas make

We serve all type of coffee at Bruket, here are the most common coffees ordered:

  1. Filter coffee

  2. Cappuccino

  3. Caffe Latte

  4. Flat White

  5. Espresso

Filter coffee is the most common coffee in Sweden. It's also the only drink in our top five that has its own Swedish word. Filter coffee is called "Bryggkaffe" in Swedish. We recommend trying our filter coffee without milk, as it is a lighter roast with a wonderful complex flavor. But if you want, we have both cow's milk and oat milk.

Cappuccino and latte are the most popular choices from the espresso machine. During the summer most of our guests order an iced latte, which we can highly recommend. Flat White and espresso are not as frequent among our guests, but equally delicious.

These are the most popular coffee drinks to order at our café, but of course we have many more drinks at our coffeeshop in Helsingborg. For example, our signature chaiccino. Can you guess what that is?

The wonderful coffee we serve comes from a micro rostery in Kalmar, Sweden called Balck Coffee. We also sell many different coffee beans from a variety of roasters, so you can enjoy great coffee at home.

You find Bruket kaffebar (coffeeshop) in the heart of the city, at Bruksgatan 9 in Helsingborg, You'll find it easily on Google maps, click here.

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